Care and wellbeing for your child

ACG Parnell provides a caring and supportive environment where your child can thrive and discover their full potential. We know that every child is different so we make sure we understand your child’s individual needs.

Your child will be allocated a tutor as a mentor for study and learning. The deans support the role of the tutors, and provide additional assistance if needed.

If your child could use additional help, or needs to overcome challenges in some areas, we offer extra tutorials. We also run an ESOL programme if your child would benefit from specialist help with English.

You will be informed of your child’s progress, and of any issues that need to be addressed for them to reach their full potential. Achievement Conference Days are held twice a year and offer you and your child feedback, and the opportunity to set goals for future learning.

If you’re a working parent, we aim to make your life easier by offering nutritious lunch options for your child in our cafeteria. You can also take advantage of our after-school programme at the primary school, running until 5:30pm Monday to Friday during term time.