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Spectacular IGCSE results for our Year 11 students

ACG Parnell students are delighted with their IGCSE Cambridge International success, enjoying outstanding results across the board.
With exceptional results across the arts, science and language domains, ACG Parnell student Charlotte Stokes has a bright future ahead of her.

Last night, Cambridge International published the IGCSE grades for 2022 and our Year 11 students received ACG Parnell’s best-ever results!

Celebrating astounding success across the school’s largest number of IGCSE entries, our hard-working students received the following grades:

  • 70% of IGCSE papers received A* or A grades (80% or better)
  • Plus, a staggering 50% of IGCSE papers received A* grades (90% or better)

Students excelled in an array of subjects, including mathematics, science, music, languages, technology, the arts and humanities.

ACG Parnell takes great pride in its reputation for empowering all students to elevate their academic performances in a supportive and nurturing environment. As a school with no academic entry requirements, these results are truly exceptional and showcase the diligence and determination of our Year 11 cohort and the help, encouragement and guidance they received from our expert team of specialist educators.

We would also like to recognise the phenomenal achievements of our top-performing students across at least five IGCSE subjects:

  • Aaliya Bhamji: A* grades in biology (97%), chemistry (97%), mathematics (97%), physics (96%) and English literature (94%)
  • Hadar Kotlarsky: A* grades in Spanish (99%), biology (97%), English literature (97%), history (96%) and English language (94%) 
  • Hari Nair: A* grades in mathematics (98%), biology (97%), English literature (96%), physics (96%) and chemistry (95%)
  • Kino Shi: A* grades in chemistry (99%), mathematics (99%), physics (98%), economics (94%) and English language (94%)
  • Elena Song: A* grades in biology (99%), chemistry (99%), physics (98%), English literature (96%) and English language (92%)
  • Charlotte Stokes: A* grades in Spanish (100%), coordinated sciences (98%), history (97%), English literature (95%), mathematics (95%) and English language (94%)

Please note that these are IGCSE results only, and a number of our Year 11 students also study AS-Level subjects alongside their IGCSEs.

Principal Damian Watson is thrilled with this spectacular outcome and believes that these results have set his students up incredibly well as they embark on their A-Level programmes.

“The IGCSEs continue to provide students with a solid foundation of subject-specific knowledge and fundamental skills that will see them well-placed to commence their A-Level studies with confidence,” he confirms. “Congratulations to all our students on their remarkable results. We look forward to working with them over the next two years as they pursue their A-Level qualifications.”

The Cambridge IGCSE qualification
The globally-respected Cambridge IGCSEs – or International General Certificate of Secondary Education – provide a preparatory level of study for college students and lays the foundations for their A-Level qualifications in Years 12 and 13. With results like these to build upon, the future for our students is looking very bright as we launch into 2023.