Leaving her mark on ACG Parnell: Head Girl Jenna Parkin

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Leaving her mark on ACG Parnell: Head Girl Jenna Parkin


ACG Parnell College 2021 Head Girl, Jenna Parkin

Increasing cross-campus connections, ensuring students feel socially supported, and enhancing school culture are just a few of the goals Jenna Parkin has on her radar this year. And as ACG Parnell College Head Girl, she’s ideally placed to achieve them.

“I’m excited about helping the class of 2021 leave a mark on the school. In our final year of College, leaving some sort of beneficial legacy is something I think all the Year 13s are striving to achieve,” says Jenna, who describes her Head Girl appointment as “a huge privilege”.

Last year as a Year 12 Prefect, Jenna looked up to the Head Girl Aqsa Kothiwala and Head Boy Andrew Evans. Now she’s following in their footsteps, inspiring and supporting other students who are coming up through the school.

“I consider being a role model to younger students is my main responsibility. We are what the students are aspiring to be, so it’s important we embody ACG Parnell College values and are someone they want to look up to. Approachability is also something I’m striving for this year. I’m the connection between students and senior management, so it’s important that students feel they can come and talk to me.”

Jenna’s years at ACG Parnell College have taught her a lot, and she’s delighted to be able to share her knowledge with others.

“The most important life lesson I’ve learnt is that hard work leads to success. It’s as simple as that. If you put the effort in, you will be able to see visible evidence of your achievements.”

Her personal highlight – receiving the Top in World award last year for Cambridge curriculum AS-Level computer science – is a case in point. But she’s not just talking about academic achievements. Continuing to develop qualities like leadership and perseverance are extremely valuable experiences for the highly motivated teen.

“Being involved in leadership enables you to have a say and give back to the school community. It’s a great opportunity to develop personal skills like communication and public speaking. I couldn’t recommend it enough.

“It’s also a lot of fun! We ran a sausage sizzle recently. I’d never used a BBQ before, but now I know how and I learnt while having a great time with my friends and fellow leaders.”

Jenna immerses herself in all she does, getting the most out of every opportunity. And she encourages others to do the same.

“I play the trumpet in the school’s big band, and I was stage manager for the 2021 production. Outside of school, I volunteer as a Girl Guide leader, and I’m also a member of the Albert Eden Youth Board.

“If you’re looking to grow your leadership skills and enrich your life, sign up for every opportunity that interests you. Open Days are a great way to get involved, put your hand up for Student Council, help backstage for the production, ask if you can lead a club. It really boils down to just getting involved!”

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