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Learning from the best at the Mamba Sports Academy

ACG Parnell Sports Coordinator, Steph Trowill, has just returned from an intensive five-day professional development opportunity at the Mamba Sports Academy (MSA) in Los Angeles, owned by NBA star and LA Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.



A specialised sports facility spanning 100,000 square feet, the MSA encompasses the best in elite coaching, biomechanics, sports medicine and cognitive training. This full-circle approach emphasises developing the mind, body and spirit, while combining exercise and recovery, proper nutrition and health, mental acuity, sports psychology and leading-edge technology.

Facilitated by Tour Time and accompanied by Sports Directors, CEOs and Development Managers from national sporting organisations around New Zealand, Steph attended a number of highly focused sessions inside each MSA department, including the Mamba Sports Venture Lab, and the affiliated Mamba/LA Dodgers Training Academy. She came away with a range of new ideas, activities and resources, many of which she is hoping to implement at ACG Parnell.

“The educational classes inside each MSA department were fascinating, especially the cognitive training where I learnt how important the brain is in sport,” says Steph. “The Mamba Sports Venture Lab aims to drive cognition in sport. It is an immersive brain training environment designed to improve decision-making, deepen sports IQ and sharpen reaction time.”

“One of the ways they do this is through integration of technology. They have developed an App called Mamba Rise which puts your brain under stress to help develop speed, and there is a sport specific option to help accelerate experience and automate decisions. We have access to this App, so I am looking forward to giving our athletes the chance to try it for themselves,” she continues.

The nutritional session with Performance Dietitian, Jessica Isaacs, was another area of interest for Steph, providing valuable information on the best way to manage food intake for optimum performance.

“We learnt how to calculate how much fuel athletes should consume, as well as how much and what an athlete should be eating before, during and post training and/or competition. This information will be incredibly helpful when our sports teams are on tour.”

The Tour Time group’s itinerary included two school campus visits as well, where Steph was inspired by the dynamic sports environments she encountered and is excited to re-create this vibrant atmosphere at ACG Parnell.

“Visiting Mater Dei High School (the number one high school in the USA for NFL) and the University of Southern California was eye-opening,” Steph explains. “The facilities at both venues are unbelievable, and I was especially impressed with the interactive and visually engaging way their sports areas were presented.”

“The way the schools’ values, athletes and championship teams were narrated on the walls not only made a bright and connective space to motivate students, but also created a real buzz,” says Steph. “It’s definitely something that ACG Parnell are hoping to introduce in the future.”