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ACG Schools Celebrates a Stellar Year of Academic Awards

ACG Schools is proud to announce another stellar year of academic performance of its students in the November 2022 examination series – the best yet on record and the highest in the country. Cambridge International Examinations has congratulated ACG on producing some of the best-performing learners in New Zealand and around the world.


The school's students have achieved various Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards, including Top in the World, Top in New Zealand and High Achievement. These awards recognize the learners who have achieved the highest marks in their respective subjects, either competing on the global stage or across New Zealand.

Last year more than 2 million students around the globe sat Cambridge examinations in no less than 10,000 schools in the United Kingdom, United States, China, India, and Singapore, as well as throughout Europe, South America, and the Middle East.

By sweeping a total of 33 Awards and achieving 100% A-Level pass rates, ACG Schools received the highest number of accolades in the Cambridge examinations compared to any other independent school in NZ. ACG students received 1 out of every 3 awards in the country for the November 2022 examination series, outperforming the second and third-ranking schools by a significant margin. Almost half of all Top in World awards in the country (43%) were awarded to ACG students, making us incredibly proud. After amassing 10 Top in the World and 14 Top in New Zealand Awards, ACG Schools’ results were recognised as “extremely impressive” by the Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Students at ACG Parnell received 26 awards, up on 17 in 2022 and 15 in 2021 – an outstanding 53% growth vs. last year. This success story builds on top of its 2022 IGCSE exam results, the best in the school’s history. Over 70% of all papers sat being graded A or A* (80% or above) and students gained the top marks in New Zealand (or the world) in Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, Combined Science, Computer Science, Co-ordinated Science, History, Mathematics, Physics and Spanish. Such strong results across a wide range of subjects bodes well for continued success for our students at A-Level.

Top in the World accolades include students like Benjamin Witters (History), Shanying Liu (Art & Design), Yitong Shao (Design & Technology), Angel Zhang and Bowen Ying (Foreign Language Mandarin), and Chenghao Li (Mathematics) for their performance across Cambridge International A Level, AS Level, and IGCSE subjects.

Charlotte Stokes alone received two Top in the World awards for Foreign Language Spanish and History, as well as Top in New Zealand for Co-Ordinated Sciences (Double Award). Moreover, Charlotte Stokes was also the only student in the country to be awarded Best Across Five Cambridge IGCSEs.

The spotlight is also on Jessica Liu, a rising star from ACG Sunderland, who just grabbed the second most prestigious award of the night.  Jessica has shown serious talent - not only taking the crown for AS Mathematics but also claiming the title of Top AS Student in all of New Zealand. This impressive feat was accomplished by achieving the highest score across four AS subjects. 

Top in New Zealand awards include students Yuwen Peng (Psychology), Cedric Siriwardana (Physics), Xinya Gao (Mathematics and Chemistry), Jessica Liu (Mathematics), Gabriella Styris (English Literature), Chit Ching Sunny Deng (Digital Media & Design), Xiaotian Xu (Biology), Elena Jiahe Song (Physics), Minho Choi (Music), Allen Yixiang Weng (Combined Science), Borui Yuan (Computer Science).

These awards are the most visible outcome of the dedication, hard work, and outstanding abilities of the students at ACG Schools. The school is proud to be a part of the Cambridge International Examinations community, which provides students with the opportunity to receive a world-class education and achieve their full potential.

"We pride ourselves on providing world-class educational opportunities across all ACG schools”, said ACG Schools CEO Clarence van der Wel. “Our students are highly motivated and passionate about learning, and their enthusiasm and determination are clearly reflected in their 2022 results. Through the strength of our teaching and the backing of the wider ACG community, we continue to see our students succeed now and in the future.”

The Cambridge International Curriculum is much broader than many national curriculums, offering invaluable structure, heritage and transportability. Students enjoy using knowledge and content to build understanding rather than learning foundations built on skills alone, which ensures they are well-prepared to take on post-secondary study.

Accordingly, previous ACG graduates have gone on to study at top universities in New Zealand and around the world. Their success is a testament to their commitment to excellence and the high-quality education they receive at our school.