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ACG Parnell students excel on the world stage in the 2021 Cambridge awards!

We are thrilled to share students' remarkable 2021 academic accomplishments, which has seen them receive a phenomenal 17 Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards, with six Top in World titles.
ACG Parnell students excel on the world stage in the 2021 Cambridge awards!

Crowning a year of exceptional academic performances, senior students at ACG Parnell College have reached new levels of success in the recent Cambridge International exams, including maintaining a perfect A-Level pass rate.

ACG Parnell College’s overall Cambridge pass rates for 2021 show a hugely impressive level of achievement.

  • A-Level: 100%
  • AS-Level: 94%
  • IGCSE: 97%

Additionally, our students attained an extraordinary number of A grades, with 58% of A-Level papers and 65% of IGCSE papers receiving an A* or A (80% or better) grade result.

National and international honours were also in plentiful supply for ACG senior students after the eagerly anticipated 2021 Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards were announced earlier today.

As the culmination of the academic year, these awards celebrate extraordinary accomplishment and identify the highest-performing Year 11 to 13 students in New Zealand and around the globe.

ACG Parnell College students received a remarkable 17 Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awards. These include:

  • 6 Top in World
  • 11 Top in New Zealand*

Special mention must be made of several standout students:

  • Jenna Parkin: Top in World A-Level Computer Science
  • Elijah Keall Flynn: Top in World AS-Level English
  • Gabriella Styris: Top in World IGCSE History
  • Elena Jiahe Song: Top in World IGCSE Mathematics
  • Nicholas Chen: Top in World IGCSE Mathematics
  • Xinya Gao: Top in World IGCSE Mathematics

These spectacular outcomes showcase the determination, commitment and hard work of our young learners, who continue to achieve at the highest degree and enjoy great success on the international stage. When this is combined with the support, encouragement and guidance provided by our team of expert teachers and education specialists, our students are extremely well placed for the future and empowered with an excellent basis for further study.

“We are so proud of all our students for the outstanding results they have gained in such a demanding year, whether they have earned a Top in the World award or whether they have worked hard to reach their personal best,” says ACG Parnell College Principal Damian Watson.

“Over 20% of our Cambridge Year 13 cohort leave us having gained three or more A* grades (90% and above) at A-Level, which is an exceptional achievement, and our 100% pass rate at A-Level means that all students leave ACG Parnell with a strong academic foundation. 

“Furthermore, with 46% of all AS-Level papers receiving A grades (80% and above) and 46% of all IGCSE papers receiving A* grades (90% and above) in 2021, ACG Parnell College students have positioned themselves well to continue to perform at the highest level both nationally and internationally.”

About Cambridge
The Cambridge International Curriculum is now taught to almost a million learners, in over 10,000 schools, across 160 countries. Setting a global standard for education, Cambridge qualifications are accepted by every UK university, by 600 universities in the US (including all Ivy League colleges) and in many other major student destinations, such as Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany and the Netherlands. 


*Includes High Achievement Awards where students came top, nationally or globally, of a subject with fewer participants.