Building a strong foundation

Our aim is to establish a strong foundation for your child’s future learning. We do this with the Cambridge Primary Programme as our core curriculum, which focuses on developing basic skills in numeracy and literacy.

Learning designed for your child

We encourage our students to establish and develop their skills in a range of subjects to promote confidence in learning and good study habits. From Year 1, your child will be given appropriate homework activities to help them extend and practice their classroom learning.

English and language skills focus

At primary level your child will focus on English and language abilities – speaking, reading and writing – along with numeracy skills.

Supportive and responsive teaching

Your child’s progress is continually monitored and assessed. From Year 1, students are coached to develop academic and social goals, and to reflect on their progress. From Year 5, students will sit end-of-year examinations in combination with regular assessments throughout the year.

Courses of study

Study programmes are designed to build creativity, critical thinking and leadership skills.


Digital learning

Using state of the art technology, students explore the world beyond the classroom in a dynamic, interactive and safe environment.