Our dedicated teachers strive to create an inclusive atmosphere by listening actively to each child and responding to their needs and interests. We believe that forming strong relationships is key to boosting your child’s curiosity, wonder, and involvement.

Positioned alongside our Primary School and College, our early learning team offers the same care, support, and safe and nurturing environment found within our world-class school.


Jane - Centre Manager

Jane is an experienced ELS manager who is qualified and registered as a teacher and has a post-graduate diploma in human resources.

Jane is very passionate about the Reggio approach to learning with an emphasis on ensuring that when children leave the early learning school, children are inspired to be lifelong learners with an emphasis to think outside the box.

To do this, we must support children to explore their creativity with a rich learning environment that allows them to explore and make sense of the world around them.


Liana - Chef and nutritional expert

Not only is Liana a registered teacher, she also has a science degree specialising in applied human nutrition.

With this in mind, Liana strives to design a menu that caters to the nutritional needs of children, offering a healthy meal plan that is not only delicious but also healthy!

Liana is passionate about what children eat and prioritises ensuring that they have what they need to learn and grow during their time at ACG Parnell ELS.


Heidi - Infants Team Leader

Heidi is an experienced and passionate life long learner who has a strong interest in the RIE approach to learning for under 2’s.

Heidi strongly believes in being a co-constructor in the child’s learning journey, following a child’s intuitive learning journey and scaffolding their learning through research-based practices.

Heidi’s most important values as a teacher is whakaiti (humanity) and she places respect for learners at the forefront of her practice.



Jenny - Infants teacher

Jenny is a creative and dynamic teacher who thrives on inspiring our youngest learners to express themselves using their hundred languages.

Jenny believes in an “in time not on time” approach to children’s development and supports their individual trajectory of learning, celebrating their achievements along the way.



Cielo - Toddlers teacher

Cielo is a highly experienced Reggio inspired teacher. C

ielo is a strong advocate for the rights and needs of children, ensuring an unhurried learning experience that places value on their working theories as well as their learning dispositions.

Cielo enjoys honing in on children’s expressive languages through learning experiences that allow children with plentiful opportunities to use all their senses.



Manpreet - Toddlers teacher

Manpreet is a fully registered teacher who is passionate about developing independent and creative thinkers.

Manpreet works alongside the children to support their natural development– focusing on the trajectory of the child’s learning journey. This ensures that children create natural links to the skills that they are learning and are able to use these contextually as needed.



Laxmi - Preschool Team Leader

Lax is a highly experienced teacher with many years teaching in kindergartens and ECE centres across Auckland.

Lax leads and teaches with patience and kindness with an emphasis on positive guidance and social competency to inspire positive and empathetic contributors to society in our future leaders.

Lax encourages her learners to take the lead in their learning whilst supporting them to make sense of the world around them.



Jeslin - Preschool teacher

Jeslin is an experienced teacher who worked for many years as a high school teacher in her beautiful home country of Sri Lanka.

Jeslin is passionate about offering children an environment that is engaging and meets their needs on a holistic level.

Jeslin is patient and nurtures the emotional well-being of the child to ensure that she works alongside them to build their resilience and love of learning.



Kim - Preschool teacher

Kim has many years of experience working in early childhood education around the world.

She brings a wealth of knowledge about the importance of learning in the early years and how this is the foundation of future learning throughout a person’s life.

Kim is passionate about preparing children for school through inquiry-based learning and ensuring that children are confident and capable researchers.