The technology used at ACG Parnell encourages your child to go beyond the classroom and explore the world in a highly interactive and dynamic way.

Technology integrated into learning programmes

Although laptops are not compulsory at ACG Parnell, technology is integrated into much of the learning programme.

Our parent portal, myACG, provides a platform to support your child’s learning, by providing classroom resources, online testing and multimedia. All these are accessible in the College’s computer lab, student information centre, or from home.

Blackboard & more

Your child has access to Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of programmes, including a student email account. The College also has myACG, an online portal for students and parents powered by the Blackboard Learning System.

Your child will be enrolled in online courses, which are designed to supplement classroom learning. Teachers post course outlines, grades and a variety of learning resources on these course pages. We also encourage new students, especially in Years 7, 9 and 12 (AS), to complete online courses in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Spanish.

A portal for parents & caregivers

A separate myACG portal is available for you as a parent or caregiver of an ACG Parnell student. Important notices and details of school events are posted, and you and your child are encouraged to check myACG regularly. Parents and caregivers can also review grades and attendance records.