Middle school (Years 7 to 11)

Specialist learning and enrichment

In the middle school, students are taught by specialist teachers in bespoke learning facilities.

Courses are flexible and individualised to meet your child’s needs. Strengths are identified so students can develop their talents, while the programme identifies any weaknesses so teachers can support students to move forward.

Gifted and talented students are extended through accelerated learning programmes in each subject. Your child may have the opportunity to advance to higher levels in mathematics and science in Years 8, 9 and 10, if teaching staff feel that they will benefit.

At this level, homework is set on a regular basis and ongoing assessments are conducted in each subject. Your child will also sit school examinations in terms two and four.

Comprehensive reports on your child’s progress are written twice a year. Their teachers will explain and discuss the contents of these reports twice a year at parent-teacher interviews, or by phone or email at other times.

In middle school, Years 7 and 8 form an important part of your child’s academic development. Work covered previously is consolidated and new subject areas are developed. These years also form an important base for senior study and qualifications. The programme is broad-based to ensure that diverse skills are developed to help successfully tackle a range of subjects at senior levels.

In Years 9 to 11, your child will prepare for the Cambridge IGCSE programme, one of the world’s most respected international qualifications for 14 to 16-year-olds. In Year 11, your child will receive a grade from A to G and a percentage mark for each subject. The curriculum caters for individual ability with some IGCSE subjects having core and extended options. IGCSE provides your child with a foundation for higher AS and A-Level courses and is recognised by universities and employers worldwide.

Senior school (Years 12 to 13)

A balanced and challenging curriculum

In Years 12 to 13, we offer a well-rounded, challenging curriculum. Students are taught by specialist teachers and have the opportunity to choose some of their own subject areas.

ACG Parnell College, Senior Campus prepares Year 12 and 13 students for university by offering Cambridge A-Levels.

In the Cambridge Pathway, students work towards their A-Level qualification over two years. A full A-Level grade is a calculated average of your child’s AS grade and A2 grade.

AS is a qualification in its own right – your child may stop studying a subject at the end of AS (Year 12) if they wish. A2 denotes the second year of a full A-Level course. ACG Parnell College offers 23 AS courses and 18 full A-Level courses.


Courses of study

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Senior campus

Our Year 12 and 13 students learn in a pre-university environment.

Academic results

ACG Parnell College students achieve outstanding results.