ACG Parnell prepares students to go to the University of their choice.

It is important to us that students make the most informed decision they can when choosing their next step. As part of supporting this decision, ACG Parnell has a comprehensive programme to ensure all students know what is offered by the best Universities, both domestic and overseas.
ACG Schools University Adviser Guy Mills, meets with year 13 students in term one, to discuss options and to ensure they understand what is required.

In term 2, Mr Mills meets with year 12 student’s and also provides classes and presentations to year 11 and year 10 student’s.

“Our research has shown that our students are thinking about life after school from an early stage. I have had in-depth planning conversations with students as early as year 7, so we see including Year 10’s in our information program as responding to student, and parent, needs”

Another tool our students can use is the “Free University Advice” link available on MYACG, an internal website available for ACG families to use. The Free University Advice link is a gateway to over 35 pages of University advice. Each page covers a specific area, such as

  • What Universities in the United Sates are looking for in an application
  • What our domestic Universities require, and offer
  • How to choose the right subjects for certain degree’s
  • What Universities in the UK are looking for in an application

The Free University advice link is a popular tool with our students and their parents, and it is a dynamic and evolving online tool that is updated and edited regularly.

Another aspect of helping our students make the best decision for them is that we host a lot of university visits. We hold lunchtime presentations by all the New Zealand Universities, as well as many of the top universities from Australia, and some from the United States.


ACG Graduates to overseas universities since 2010

University Number of graduates
Oxford 3
Cambridge 3
Imperial 2
University College London (UCOL) 5
University of Edinburgh 2
Bristol University 1
University of Manchester 1
Kings College London 1
Ecole Hotel de Lausanne 1
University of British Columbia 3
Stanford 1
UC Davis 1
Purdue 1
Brown 1
Iowa State 1
Aoyama Gakuin University (Japan) 1
International Christian University (Tokyo) 1
Yonsei 1
University of Melbourne 22
University of Sydney 8
University of Western Australia (UWA) 1
Monash 3



In recent years our students have received scholarship offers from all the Domestic New Zealand Universities.

One Scholarship that is unique to ACG Schools is the ACG Founders Scholarship, it is valued up to $75000 and has been offered since 2018. It is open to all domestic ACG Schools Year 13 students, and since its initial offering, both winners have come from ACG Parnell.

ACG Parnell is committed to supporting students preparing for University life. If you have any questions please email Guy Mills, the ACG Schools University Adviser at