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At ACG Parnell College, we offer an exceptional quality education for every child. Our educators, facilities, and commitment to learning makes our education world-class.

Our fees vary according to the year level in which your child is enrolled, and whether your child is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident, or is coming from overseas.


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2022 Tuition fees

Domestic Students

Enrolment Acceptance Fee

Reserve a place for your child with a non-refundable Enrolment Acceptance Fee. For Years 1 to 10 there is a fee of NZ$1,200, and for new enrolments into Years 11 to 13 the fee is NZ$600.

You won’t need to pay a fee to register an application, and ACG Parnell College doesn’t charge a building development levy or bond.

Years 1 - 6

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$19,745 NZ$19,745
Three Instalments NZ$6,639 per instalment NZ$19,917
Nine Instalments NZ$2,255 per month NZ$20,295


Years 7 - 10

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$22,965 NZ$22,965
Three Instalments NZ$7,721 per instalment NZ$23,163
Nine Instalments NZ$2,623 per month NZ$23,607


Years 11 - 13

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$24,470 NZ$24,470
Three Instalments NZ$8,225 per instalment NZ$24,675
Nine Instalments NZ$2,794 per month NZ$25,146


International Students

Year level Annual fee
Years 1 to 6 (students aged 5 to 10) NZ$28,100
Years 7 to 10 (students aged 11 to 15) NZ$33,400
Years 11 to 13 (students aged 15 and over) NZ$39,500

Administration fees: $1,100

(All fees quoted are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST.)

(All fees quoted are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST.)

Admissions process

We will guide you through the process, and make sure you are kept up to date throughout.

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Term dates

Mark your calendar now with our school term dates, so you and your family are ready for the year ahead.

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We welcome students to apply for  scholarship programmes.

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